How to Perform Stage Hypnotism

how-to-stage-hypnosismDing! Ding! Ding! Your husband starts giggling wildly every time a bell rings. Another person in the audience crawls around and barks like a dog.  The crowd is in an uproar while watching these normal people do all sorts of silly things.  This is stage hypnotism, and any person can do it.

First, make the subject feel relaxed.  The requirement is that he or she must feel extremely comfortable. This is done in order to release all the tension inside the person.  A clear head is vital to successfully hypnotizing a subject.  The subject’s level of relaxation can be checked by studying his breathing patterns.  Breathing should be deep, and all breaths should be equal.  Next, check the subject’s muscles.  They should not be tense, and the subject should not be fidgeting.

Secondly, encourage the subject to daydream about relaxing topics. This is important to further relax his mind and make your subject very receptive to the things that you say. Next, ask the subject to relive his experiences from the past few days. Guide him in creating a mental image but let him do all the work. Once the mental image has been established, tell him to let those memories go. After that, tell the subject to picture a craving in his mind, particularly a craving for a particular food.  He must visualize it, smell it, and taste it.  Help him do this by encouraging his imaginings that the food is actually in the room with him. At this point, test your subject again.  Tell him to imagine a ruler, and allow him to rate himself from one to 12; one being totally awake while 12 being nearly asleep. If their range is lower than nine, repeat the last three steps to induce total relaxation in preparation for proper stage hypnotism.

Trust is your strongest weapon. Foster trust this by telling the subject that he is in control. Tell him that what he is going to do under hypnosis is the right thing to do. Just say anything that you think will build up his trust and confidence in you to lead him. Once you know that the subject trusts you, try making him to stand up. If he does, then you know that you have him. However, you should be patient at times because there are moments when it will take him a very long time to do. One way to make this hypnotic state come more quickly is to create a story out of the experience.  Build up to a moment in the action of the story where you can say what you want the subject to do, and then add it into the story.  This is a very effective way to command the subject to do something under hypnosis without making it an actual command.  It is a much more effective method.

At the end of the act, guide the subject gently towards waking up from the hypnotic state. A good way to do this is to let them relax and stretch before waking them.  Remember, the subject may not remember what he did under hypnosis.  Point out this fact to make the performance even more interesting for your audience.

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