Is the Comedic Value of Edinburg too Anti-American?

Ediburgh Festival

Humza Arshad performed during the Ediburgh Festival of 2013 at Gilded Balloon’s Wee Room which is capable of handling an audience less than 47 million.

He has named himself as the most watched comedian on YouTube and was in the Edinburgh Festival in order to try out his luck as a stand up comic rather than just a comic online. The claims that he announced can be based on more than 47 million views in the video sharing website which was mentioned earlier.

Humza Arshad’s performance proved to be of an amateur during his debut.

His interactions with his audience were awkward, too much assertion of his confidence which made people believe that he was nervous, and his jokes were not established. The entire show revolved around British – Asian jokes, specifically Pakistanis. In addition, the humor is too broad to be considered funny at all. These are mistakes being done by a rookie to the stand up comedic side in the field of entertainment.

Twisting the story into a positive one, the audiences say that potential was truly there. He was trying to keep the audiences engaged while trying to learn new things that he may use in the future.

The positives about Humza Arshad are that he has a personality that can connect to people and the common touch that may prove to be very helpful in the long run. Those combined made him a stand-up comic with goo potential.

Time will tell whether this transition from virtual to real world comedy can become successful; just like the ones which came before in other fields of entertainment.

However, this left a bad taste in the mouth of their audience and the impression of the weather in general. It left people wondering whether the comedy in Scotland is too leftist, which in this case, too anti-American.

Mona Sirens, from the Sun Times said that modern Scotland was filled with too much socialism and an anti-American attitude.

Of course there are others which may have been only misinterpreted, and not all shows were as bad as the one Humza Arshad showed. For example, one of the biggest hits in last year’s comedy shows on stage such as Liusa Omielan’s What Would Beyonce Do? This is a show that portrayed female empowerment more than a it become a socialist point of view; more than a way to mock the American empowerment in becoming a very strong woman. In fact, the show had a portion that praised Margaret Thatcher.

While success was brewing with Luisa Omielan, a flop occurred which featured an abused concept that relayed the failing of Gordon Brown; mocking it along the way. It was not a good way to throw capitalism under the bus.

“To see ourselves as others see us would form many a blunder free us as a foolish nation,” Burns wrote in the Sun Times. Funny enough, it might come as insignificant because no one in the comedy industry, especially in Edinburgh, to base their performance from what the Sun Times suggests. Their industries are just world apart

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