Myths in the Industry of Stage Hypnosis

Stage hypnosis is an act where a performer on stage tries to hypnotize an individual by performing certain acts before leading up to its main action through the use of words. However, not everything you see is true. It might be that most of you already have doubts, while believers just continue to believe no matter what.

Even in the world of stage hypnosis, myths and legends do exist. Some of them are true, while others are just misconceptions. The following are some of the myths that people should look out for when it comes to stage hypnosis.

  • Only mentally weak individuals are hypnotized. The reason for this myth to be false is because of the characteristics that you can see in the volunteers that are being called up on stage. The characteristics are the following:
  • Imagination that is very strong
  • A person who is able to concentrate and focus very well
  • Is not being pushed to participate
  • A person who has a personality who is outgoing; loves to interact

Stage Hypnosis

If you believe this myth, it is the proper time to stop. As you may have noticed, the first two qualities to become a volunteer in a stage hypnosis show is a description of a person with          amazing brain power.

  • Individuals who are hypnotized turn into helpless people. This also is not true. They do not become robots who become subject to anyone’s bidding. In fact, it is still very difficult to make them perform things that are not part of what they usually do.

A better way of describing individuals who are under stage hypnosis is a person under the influence of alcohol. They have less inhibition, but never truly helpless.

  • For many, it is a state of sleep when they are under a hypnotic state. Unlike being asleep, a person who is under hypnosis has more focus than a person who is truly awake. They have a great sense of their surroundings. That is why even when they have their eyes closed they do not get distracted from the voices around them and only hear the hypnotist talking.
  • Cure is possible in one session. This may be true, but old habits die hard, and it needs at least 21 days of practice before an action becomes a habit. That is why one session may not be enough for a lasting effect. Instead, multiple sessions may be required in order to accomplish things that you have set yourself out in doing.
  • Lying when under a hypnotic state is impossible. This one is actually false because of the basis for being highly imaginative. Individuals who are under the hypnotic state heighten their imagination, making them capable of saying ridiculous things. At times, it could be matters that are out of this world. However, it may depend on the instructions given by the hypnotist.

When working in an industry that uses mysticism, there will always be myths and false assumptions. It is up to you whether or not you believe in it.

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